Monday, July 19, 2010

The Heart of Christmas is JESUS (USA)

This is a FREEBIE!!! you can click on the photo that will take you to our Under a Harvest Moon News Group. You can find the pattern under the 'FILES' area. :)

Lighting the Way for the Christ Child (Italy)

Advent Calendar (Germany)

Preparing for Pere Noel (France)

Christmas in Greenland (and Denmark)

Welcoming Mary, Joseph, and Jesus (Ireland)

Sinter Klass' Hat (Holland)

Kissing Bough (England)

Shamma (Ethiopia)

Shen Dan Jieh (China)

NEW Pattern Grouping #53

This grouping was designed for last minute gift making. Included in this grouping are: This grouping was designed for last minute gift making. And the BEST thing about these patterns the whole grouping took less than 2 skeins of cotton and about a half of skein of nylon (which we give you a link to where you can by this type of yarn in various colors) so, although we knit the patterns in Christmas colors, you don't have to do so... you could knit them in your favorite colors. Included in this grouping are: Christmas Goodies, Crimson & Snow, Holiday Sponge Scrubber, Santa's Little Scrubbers. If purchased as a pattern grouping, your cost is only $9.00

Christmas Goodies

Holiday Sponge Scrubber

Santa's Little Scrubbers

Crimson & Snow

'08 Christmas Collection

We are happy to be able to present our '08 Christmas Collection! Included in this collection are:
Auntie's Winter Quilt, Christmas harbor Lights, Grandma's Victorian Ornaments, Holiday Candles, Jingle Bell Dishcloth, Holiday Twists, Little Gold Packages, Sleigh Bell Lace, Winter Wonderland, Yuletide at the North Pole, and Oh Holy Night (which is free with any purchase). If purchased individually, the cost for this collection would be $20.00, but with our usual 25% off, it's $15.00.

Grandma's Victorian Ornaments

Christmas Harbor Lights

Holiday Candles Burning Bright

Winter Wonderland

Yuletide At The North Pole

Holiday Twists

Jingle Bell Dishcloth

Sleigh Bell Lace

Little Gold Packages

Auntie's Winter Quilt